Specialty Soluble Oil, soluble oil for metal cutting
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Specialty Soluble Oil

AMILE Specialty Soluble Oil

AMILE Industries manufacturer’s specialty Soluble Oil for various metal cutting operations, apart from our regular products we can design & manufacturers specialty soluble oils as per end users applications & expectations. AMILE Industries manufacturers various grades of Soluble Oils for almost all traditional to advance technology metal cutting applications. AMILE brand Soluble Oils offer excellent results at very optimum concentration which allow user huge cost saving. Most importantly our specialty Soluble Oils are not harmful to operator’s skin neither they are hazardous to environment.

AMILE Soluble Oil offers excellent results in all area

  • Lubricating the cutting process to prevent wear of tools & surface primarily at low cutting speeds
  • Cooling the work piece
  • Flushing chips away from the cutting zone

AMILE brand Soluble Oils can be used for following applications

  • Soluble Oil for Grinding
  • Soluble Oil for Drilling
  • Soluble Oil for surface finishing
  • Soluble Oil for milling
  • Soluble Oil for turning
  • Soluble Oils for acquiring
  • Soluble Oils for threading

Advantages of AMILE Soluble Oil

Eco Friendly: AMEIL Soluble Oils are eco friendly & they are absolutely free from hazardous chemicals like sulfur, chlorine

Ease of Chip and Swarf removal: AMILE Soluble Oils carry away sawarf, small metal pieces , chips & swarf

Use in low concentrations: AMILE Soluble Oil offers excellent cost saving as they are required in very low concentration as compare to traditional mineral base Soluble Oils

Non harmful to skins: We had designed our Soluble Oil considering health & safety of operators so never result in skin etching.

No mist formation- These fluids are designed in such way that they do not form any mist
No rust formation- These specialty soluble oils does not allow rust formation even they are used at very minimum concentrations

AMILE Soluble Oils Secondary benefits

  • Rust protection of the machined surface
  • Allow part handling by cooling the hot surface

Benefits of using AMILE Soluble Oils in machining include:

  • Extended & longer tool life
  • Minimize thermal deformation of work piece
  • Excellent surface finish where required
  • Ease of Chip and swarf removal