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Anti Corrosion Gel

Anti Corrosion Gel - AMILE#666

Introduction: Specially designed heavy duty non curing synthetic gel which prevents corrosion, galling & rusting of stationary as well as rotating parts. Nimble Corrosion Gel has long term thermal stability over wide temperature range of -20 to 80 0C. Specially formulated with synthetic oils & proprietary additives to provide long term corrosion protection under serve atmospheric conditions. It is safe to use on metals, non metals & excellent adhesion to the metallic surface it act in 2 ways when parts are in ideal situation they act as corrosion protection coating & act as lubricants when parts are moving or rotating.

Key Features:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Non hazardous , eco friendly product
  • Offers excellent lubrication for rotating parts
  • Prevents bi metallic corrosion , galling
  • Long term oxidation resistance , excellent thermal stability
  • Non drying & non curing
  • Excellent adhesion to metals as well as non metals
  • Extended re-lubrication intervals
  • Extended maintenance cycles
  • Easy & simple hand application
  • Saves labor, time & cost


  • Stationary Contacts & Exposed Terminals
  • Switch Gear Mechanism ,studs & gears
  • Non cure corrosion protection & lubrication