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Grinding Fluid

AMILE Grinding Fluid & Grinding Coolant

AMILE Grinding Fluid play very important in the grinding process because it reduces the effects of friction, removes heat from the work zone, and increases material removal. Most important ,AMILE grinding fluid increases the material removal rate without increasing the damage to the surface of the work piece.

“AMILE Grinding fluid also acts as a coolant hence it reduces temperature at interface resulting in smooth surface .material removal is increased by the reduction in specific energy, which allows the stock removal rate to go up without increasing the surface damage to the work piece, AMILE grinding coolant is compatible with all pure metals as well as metal alloys hence they offer excellent results at very optimal cost.

AMILE Grinding Fluid Key Features & Benefits

  • Formulated to provide superior performance in medium to severe grinding operations
  • Suitable for a wide range of ferrous & non-ferrous metals
  • Non corrosive to ferrous & non ferrous metals and alloys
  • Contains EP additives-formulated to give superior performance and extend tool life
  • Bo stable extended sump life
  • Advance VOC formula no mist formation
  • No odors no fumes
  • Non staining
  • Very economic dilutions up to 2: 100 V/V