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Cutting Oil Substitute

AMILE Cutting Oil Substitute

AMILE Industries offer high performance products which replaces use of cutting oils which we called them as substitute for cutting oil.

AMILE Industries manufacturer’s wide range of specialty synthetic products for replacements of soluble oils, cutting oils, neat oils. These substitutes products offer excellent benefits in all three areas hence they can replace use of cutting oils

Benefits of Cutting Oil Substitute

  • Provides excellent heat transfer
  • Offers excellent cooling
  • Provides excellent lubrication, minimizes wear
  • Extended sump life
  • No etching to operator’s skin
  • No mist formation

Due to all above features AMILE Substitutes for cutting oil products offers excellent operational efficiency, lesser processing cost, reduction in overall cost, minimizing environmental impacts & ensuring maximum operation safety.

We have extensive portfolio of specialty products which satisfied need of every application from simple to complicated, mass to specialty, eco friendly to biodegradable.

Apart from existing range AMILE Industries we have core competency of designing tailor made products as per customer’s exact requirements depend upon criticality, economy of end application.

In addition to typical ferrous and aluminum substrates, our metal processing solutions are suitable for use on brass, copper and other exotic metals, and will work in light to heavy applications.

AMILE industries offer you excellent substitutes for cutting oils which give you choice to establish total eco friendly manufacturing facility & that is also at very optimal cost.

AMILE Industries have a product for your every need that will improve your process, productivity, economy, & HSE