Heavy Duty Rust and Corrosion Protection
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Heavy Duty Rust & Corrosion Protection

AMILE Rust & Corrosion Protection

AMILE Industries brings superior Rust & Corrosion Protection products together with application systems and top technology support, allowing our customers to maximize productivity with minimum cost.

AMILE Industries manufacturers wide range of Rust & Corrosion Protection which includes

  • Oil based rust & corrosion protection
  • Water Displacing Rust Protection
  • Painted Surface protection

AMILE Rust & Corrosion Protection are designed to offer heavy duty protection at very economical cost, by implementation of simple methods & ensuring maximum operation safety.

We have extensive portfolio of Rust & Corrosion Protection which satisfied need of every application from simple to complicated, mass to specialty, large to small, even to odd geometry.

Apart from existing range of rust & corrosion protection AMILE Industries have core competency of designing tailor made products as per customer’s exact requirements depend upon criticality, economy of end application.

AMILE Industries line of versatile rust & corrosion protection products to ensure that you are able to meet your specifications in the most effective and cost-efficient manner, without compromising employee health safety. Our Rust & Corrosion Protection offer superior lubrication, cooling, cleanliness and, when needed, corrosion prevention.


AMILE #602 is a specially designed water displacement type rust protection product which can offer long term rust & corrosion protection up to 1 year. Specially designed for semi finished components & parts which are output of cleaning process

Key Features

Excellent water displacing properties
Excellent rust protection
Heavy duty formulation suitable for automotive components, engineering spares
Excellent adsorption to metallic surfaces
Repels water, self heals itself, and remains flexible
Very high adsorption
Easy & simple application by dipping , brushing, spraying , cotton swabbing
High Coverage ensures more economy


Solvent-free anti rust coatings are environmentally friendly by their nature of being cut in oil instead of solvent. They generally leave a soft oil film which can be removed after desired use, yet they provide very high rust prevention

Key Features

Advance VOC free formulation
Heavy duty indoor /outdoor rust protection
No odors
Non harmful to environment
Non hazardous to user.
Used for both indoor and outdoor protection of highly machined and polished parts
Offers unusually good protection to both ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Ideal for high humidity and salt air conditions


AMILE#604 is a heavy duty peel of coating designed for larger surfaces, pipes
It protects painted surface from scratch, dust deposition etc
Advance solvent free technology

AMILE#603 is heavy duty oil film type corrosion inhibitor specially designed for indoor as well out door rust protection of engineering components, spares and heavy engineering parts, gears etc