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Cost Reduction & Cost Optimization

Driving Business Innovation While Reducing Cost Per Component

In today's economic climate, tough competition the need to cut costs can be the difference between success and failure. 

Challenges of Customers

  • Acclimatization to the competition and cost pressures induced by market realignment and consolidation
  • Need for shorter manufacturing cycles 
  • Demand for increased operational efficiency and asset utilization at the plant level
  • Scope for standardized and synchronized diverse applications and technologies
  • Compliance to regulations and quality standards

There are greater pressures than ever to cut costs & Trying to solve this challenge using traditional approaches will deliver only incremental savings. Making large scale cuts and identifying new cost optimization opportunities requires a fresh approach.

Actual saving only possible by changing the traditional products, process by replacing with it advance technology based products. An innovation & advance technology based process based on products only delivers this fresh approach. Not only does it assist you to identify new opportunities that have not yet been leveraged, but it leaves your team empowered and motivated to make the necessary changes.

How can we help you?

AMILE Industries brings a strategic approach to cost cutting. We aim to deliver sustainable benefits through our advance technology base products, proposed operations, process and rich experience and knowledge, developed and tested over many years in multiple industries.

We will identify short-term quick win savings as well as longer-term changes that will create a leaner and more operationally efficient organization. PwC does not believe in making slash and burn cuts. We differentiate between good products, process that are necessary for the current and future growth of your business and bad products, process, which are superfluous. Products & process Costs which adds more value to the end products were tooted out & we will do retrofitting by new products & process .

Value Engineering

alue engineering is just another way we help our clients reduce product costs in an optimal, design-conscious way that preserves product quality without compromising on HSE standards.

We encourage our clients to practice VE at all levels of the value chain, as it helps optimize product cost by implementing the following engineering changes on products

Alternative materials and more optimal manufacturing processes, which make the most of value opportunities and reduce cost

Process simplification through reverse engineering to achieve similar functionality with less-complex , efficient process by implementation of new products & methods.