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Neat Oil / Neat Cutting Oil

AMILE Neat Oil

AMILE Industries offers specialty neat oils for based on synthetic & semi synthetic technology these oils offer much more superior benefits than traditional oils. AMILE Neat oils were formulated with high viscosity index oils & specialty proprietary additives which ensures excellent operational efficiency, cost saving & compliance with HSE. AMILE neat oil work up to 250 Degree Centigrade without any considerable evaporation loss , high flash point makes application entirely risk free . We had designed Chlorine-free neat cutting oil for heavy duty machining (ferrous and non-ferrous metals). AMILE Neat Cutting Oils Widely used on cutting operations on hard or very hard steels (bearing steels), on special, stainless and refractory steels (NIMONIC and VASPALLOY) and on titanium alloys (aviation and medical applications). It can also be used on low carbon steels and copper alloys. Machining lubricated : turning, screw cutting, milling, threading, tapping, sawing, deep drilling. High efficiency in a wide application range, including biomedical and aeronautical. Low treatment cost (swarf, diatomite earth, chip treatment).

Benefits of AMILE Neat Oils

  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • Free from sulfur, chlorides & phosphates
  • Very high flash points
  • Offers excellent lubrication irrespective of cutting speed, temperature
  • Excellent oxidation resistance ensures maximum sump life
  • Excellent high temperature stability
  • Very minor evaporation loss
  • Offers excellent surface finish
  • Reduces friction ensures extended tool life