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Rust Protection – Export Consignment


AMILE-RNC#500 is a specially designed heavy duty anti rust oil for export consignment as well as long term protection in domestic market. It is extremely suitable for protection of automotive components from rust & corrosion irrespective of geometry of components, mass & size. AMILE-RNC #500 is specially formulated with complex corrosion inhibitors additives because of that it is extremely suitable for all metal & alloys ensuring very long term protection from rust, corrosion, and oxidation.

Key Features

  • All in one , multipurpose product suitable for most of the metals & their all alloys
  • Heavy duty rust, corrosion & oxidation protection
  • Excellent wetting properties take care of human negligence ,high spread up
  • Excellent penetration power extremely useful where difficult to apply ,reach areas
  • Excellent dewatering properties
  • Very high adsorption
  • Easy & simple application by dipping , brushing, spraying , cotton swabbing
  • High Coverage ensures more economy


  • Protection of automotive components from rust, corrosion, oxidation for overseas consignment
  • Rust Proofing of automotive components like cams, shafts, pistons, pistons rings, metallic gaskets, pins
  • Industrial Gears, shafts, metallic flanges, gaskets, studs, spares & parts
  • Protection of semi finished parts, components, finished components during transits, storage

Method of Use

  • Dipping is the best method but if not practically feasible it can be used by spraying or by cotton cloth swabbing

Protection Period

  • Protection period varies from application to application hence we mention minimum
    Protection period to optimum.
  • Export Consignment : 12 to 18 Months