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Specialty Machining Coolant

AMILE Specialty Machining Coolant

AMILE Industries brings high performance Specialty Machining Coolants for various mechanical operations, these are specialty fluids designed to offers excellent cleaning, excellent lubrication at very optimum levels of use.

AMILE Industries offers wide range of Machining Coolant which includes

  • Water Soluble Machining Coolant
  • Semi Synthetic Machining Coolant
  • Synthetic Machining Coolant

Machining Coolant are vital components in metal processing & parts manufacturing industries.  We offer a full-line of products, including full-synthetics, semi-synthetics and water-soluble products for all range from a general purpose, economically-priced soluble oil to heavy duty machining/grinding fluids.

We offer a diverse selection of different machining coolants and coolants that are perfect for light to heavy-duty use and help increase life and part quality.

AMILE Machining Coolant ensure that you are able to meet your specifications in the most effective and cost-efficient manner, without compromising employee health safety. Our Machining Coolant offer superior lubrication, cooling, cleanliness and, when needed, corrosion prevention.

AMILE Machining Coolant offer a wide range of performance capabilities to meet even the most rigorous industrial requirements.. AMILE Industries have a product for your every need that will improve your process, productivity, economy, & HSE

Benefits of AMILE- Specialty Machining Coolant

  • Excellent cooling at very minor use
  • High lubricity offers extended tool life
  • Excellent surface finish allow more precise operations
  • Extended sump life
  • No staining , no marks
  • No bad odors
  • No etching to skin

AMILE Industries Machining Coolant are designed for

  • Machining Coolant for automotive components & parts manufacturers
  • Machining Coolant for aerospace
  • Machining Coolant for engineering Industries
  • Machining Coolant for metal processing industries
  • Machining Coolant for tools & component manufacturers
  • Machining Coolant for machinery manufacturing