Eco Friendly Solvent Base Cleaners Solvent Cleaner, Solvent Degreaser
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Eco Friendly Solvent Base Cleaners

1) Eco Friendly Solvent Base cleaner

Specially designed heavy duty eco friendly cleaner & degreaser which is ideal replacement for hazardous carcinogenic solvents & aromatic solvents. It is faster, safer & tougher eco friendly option for cleaning & degreasing of mechanical, electrical parts. Easily & quickly removes investment residues, oils, grease, water deposits, carbon residues, and dust from most types of metals, casting parts, bushing without damaging the original structure of metal. Excellent wetting action so easily defluxes filters, screens tiny precision assemblies which are very difficult to clean.

Key Features:

  • Eco friendly , Non hazardous & User friendly
  • Non corrosive to almost all metals & there alloys
  • Free from phosphate, esters, ammonia
  • Excellent & fast cleaning at ambient temperature
  • Excellent wetting properties ,no heating
  • Controlled volatility
  • No rinsing ,saves times ,labor & money
  • No stains ,No deposits ,No flash rusting
  • Non harmful to human skin


  • Pure metal & alloy cleaning in automotive industry
  • Precision mechanical to electronic part cleaning
  • Cleaner for precision bearing, rollers , bushings
  • Oil , grease , carbon , organic deposits & contamination remover

Method of Use

  • By Dipping, Cotton Swabbing

2) Fast Drying Cleaners

  • Excellent eco friendly cleaning
  • Free from ODC
  • No residue, no deposits
  • No odor
  • Non hazardous
  • Non corrosive

3) Non Drying Cleaners, Non volatile Cleaners

  • These products are non volatile in nature
  • Non corrosive to all metals
  • Non harmful to plastic, rubber, acrylic, ABS
  • Excellent penetration properties specially useful for difficult to clean areas
  • Removes, oil, grease, sticky residues from the surface

4) Replacement for CTC, TCE

  • We have excellent alternative for replacement of carcinogenic cleaners like chlorinated solvents
  • Excellent heavy duty cleaning
  • No odors
  • Non harmful to metals
  • Non harmful to rubber , plastic

5) Semi –Aqueous Cleaners

  • These products offer benefits of water base cleaning as well as solvent base cleaning
  • Excellent Cleaning
  • Non hazardous products
  • Free from sulfates,
  • Non harmful to metal