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Metal Working Fluids

AMILE Metal Working Fluids

AMILE Industries brings superior metal working fluid products together with application systems and top technology support, allowing our customers to maximize productivity with minimum cost.

AMILE Industries manufacturers wide range of metal working fluids which includes

  • Metal Cutting Fluids & Coolants
  • Metal & Parts Cleaners
  • Hazardous Chemicals replacements
  • Rust & Corrosion Prevention

AMILE metal working fluids are designed to offer operational economy, reduction in overall cost, minimizing environmental impacts & ensuring maximum operation safety.

We have extensive portfolio of metal working fluids which satisfied need of every application from simple to complicated, mass to specialty, eco friendly to biodegradable.

Apart from existing range AMILE Industries have core competency of designing tailor made products as per customer’s exact requirements depend upon criticality, economy of end application.

In addition to typical ferrous and aluminum substrates, our metal processing solutions are suitable for use on brass, copper and other exotic metals, and will work in light to heavy applications.

Metalworking fluids and coolants are vital components in metal processing & parts manufacturing industries.  We offer a full-line of products, including full-synthetics, semi-synthetics and water-soluble products.  These products range from a general purpose, economically-priced soluble oil to heavy duty machining/grinding fluids.

We offer a diverse selection of different metalworking fluids and coolants that are perfect for light to heavy-duty use and help increase life and part quality.

AMILE industries offer you specialty metal working fluids which give you choice to establish total eco friendly manufacturing facility.

AMILE Industries line of versatile metalworking fluids ensure that you are able to meet your specifications in the most effective and cost-efficient manner, without compromising employee health safety. Our Metal working fluids offer superior lubrication, cooling, cleanliness and, when needed, corrosion prevention.

All these AMILE metal working fluids have been designed to improve reliability, extend tool life, and ensure you are able to meet even the most precise specifications.

Cutting Oils & Coolants

AMILE metal working fluids offer a wide range of performance capabilities to meet even the most rigorous industrial requirements. AMILE metal working fluids includes straight oils, water-soluble fluids, semi-synthetics, true-solution synthetics or emulsion synthetics. AMILE Industries have a product for your every need that will improve your process, productivity, economy, & HSE

Cleaners & Degreasers

AMILE industries offers specialty cleaners for every application in metal processing & parts manufacturing industry.

We offer cleaners & degreases for following applications

  • Oil & Grease removal
  • Coolant traces removal
  • Cleaning agents for part washing machines
  • Water free cleaners
  • Cleaners cum rust protection
  • Replacements for hazardous solvents

Rust & Corrosion Prevention

  • Heavy duty indoor rust prevention
  • Heavy duty outdoor rust prevention
  • Rust prevention for overseas consignment
  • Oil base rust preventative
  • Solvent base rust preventative

AMILE industries metal working fluids are designed for

  • Metal Working Fluids for automotive components & parts manufacturers
  • Metal Working Fluids for aerospace
  • Metal Working Fluids for engineering Industries
  • Metal Working fluids for metal processing industries
  • Metal Working fluids for tools & component manufacturers
  • Metal Working fluids for machinery manufacturing

AMILES Industries offering to our customers

  • Technical advice in selection of correct product from available range
  • Cost reduction by optimizing uses & methods
  • Technical solutions in critical areas
  • Developing the products as per end users requirement & application
  • Field trials & performance reports
  • Improving health safety & environment