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Eco Friendly Water Base Cleaners and Degreasers

AMILE industries manufactures specialty eco friendly safe to use industrial cleaners & degreasers for various applications

We have extensive portfolio of cleaners & degreasers which satisfied need of every application from simple to complicated, mass to specialty, eco friendly to biodegradable.

Apart from existing wide range of products we can design tailor made products as per customer’s exact requirements depend upon criticality, economy of end application.

1. Part Washer

AMILE industries manufacturers advanced an environment friendly part washer which offers excellent results at very minor concentration resulting in reduction in operational cost. We have extensive range of parts washer from pure aqueous solutions to moisture free cleaners

Key Features

  • Non corrosive to metal parts
  • Non corrosive to non metals
  • Non hazardous
  • No fumes
  • Highly concentrated for economy
  • Non foaming
  • Non harmful to naked skin
  • VOC free
  • Excellent high temperature stability
  • Free from acids, chlorinated solvents

2. Chips and Swarf Removal:

  • Advance eco friendly technology
  • Easy dilution with water for economy
  • Easily removes chips from the metal surface
  • Does not creates foam
  • Non hazardous
  • No bad odors
  • Does not give stain on the surface
  • Non corrosive to metals
  • Non harmful to non metals

3. Coolant Traces Removal

  • Heavy duty biodegradable product
  • Easy dilution with water for economy
  • Easily removes coolant traces from the surface
  • Excellent Non- foaming formula
  • Does not react with coolant
  • Safe on almost all metals & their alloys

4. Oil & Grease Removers

  • Advance eco friendly formula
  • Easy dilution with water for economy
  • Free from solvents, oils
  • Easily removes tough oily deposits
  • Non corrosive almost safe all on metals
  • No stains No rinsing

5. Parts Cleaning

  • We have around 6 different variants depend upon application & end users requirement, specifications
  • Removes dust, soils, metal particles, oils, grease from the surface
  • Excellent heavy duty water base formula offers high economy
  • Non corrosive to almost all metals
  • Non harmful to non metals

6. Anti Rust Oil Removers

  • Easily removes layers of anti rust oils from the parts
  • Easy dilution with water for economy
  • Removes oil base anti rust oils, solvent base anti rust oils
  • Offers temporary rust protection

7. Carbon & Residue Removers

  • Heavy duty cleaner for removal of hard deposits without scrapping, metal brushing
  • Easy dilution with water for economy
  • Free from solvents
  • Free from heavy alkalis
  • Easily removes hard carbon, waxy films form the surface
  • No metal loss
  • Non corrosive to metal

8. Post Coating surface cleaning

  • Non harmful to paints, coating
  • Easy dilution with water for economy
  • Removes stain, forbidden deposits from the surface
  • Eco friendly & economical formula

9. Paint & Coating Removers

  • Heavy duty non hazardous formulation
  • Removes industrial paints, varnishes