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Metal Working Fluids and Coolants

AMILE Industries offer specialty metal working fluids for wide industrial applications starting from

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Metal and Part Cleaning, Cleaners and Degreasers

AMILE Industries offers advance eco friendly & biodegradable metal & parts cleaners for various applications

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Metal and Part Protection, Anti Rust Oils

Advance technology based heavy duty rust & corrosion protection products for metal & parts manufacturers

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Hazardous Chemicals Replacement

AMILE Industries design & offers excellent eco friendly , non hazardous products to replace hazardous chemicals

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Fast Moving Products

High Performance Synthetic Coolant

AMILE Industries offer high performance pure synthetic coolants together with application technological support


Eco Friendly Water Base Cleaners & Degreaser

Water soluble highly economical heavy duty cleaners & degreasers for automotive part cleaning


Rust Protection – Export Consignment

Specially designed corrosion inhibitor for export consignments , offer protection of 12 to 18 months


Heavy Duty Cutting Oil

Cutting oils are designed to offer operational economy, reduction in cost, Improving HSE


Solvent Base Cleaners

Non hazardous , odorless solvent base cleaners for heavy duty industrial cleaning & degreasing applications


Corrosion Inhibitor

Heavy duty multi application rust & corrosion inhibitor which offers rust protection up to 12 to 18 months


Specialty Aluminium Cutting Fluid

AMILE Industries has designed advance eco friendly purely synthetic Aluminium Cutting Fluid to replace traditional cutting oils & soluble oils,


Specialty Cleaners Cum Rust Preventative

Specially designed heavy duty 2 in 1 product which offers excellent cleaning and temporary rust protection for ferrous metals and alloys.


Heavy Duty Anti Corrosive Gels

Specially design anti corrosive gel for protection of critical metallic surfaces from rust, corrosion, galling, bi metallic corrosion


Cost Cutting and Optimization

AMILE Industries brings a strategic approach to cost cutting by offering high performanance products.Read More

Customised Solutions

Apart from regular valuable products we have core competency to design products for your specific application.Read More

Improving HSE

AMILE Industries offer advance eco friendly products, process to set green manufacturing set ups Read More

Distributirship Opporunities

We are looking for dynamic distributors /dealers / agents having sufficient knowledge & field experience.Read More